Rasha Abu-Ajwah

Rasha Abu-Ajwah

Legacy Licensee

Born in 1988 to a music loving family, Rasha started showing interest in classical music and piano at the very early age of four. With her parents’ encouragement and her enthusiasm, she started taking professional lessons in piano.

All through her schooling years and up until graduation, Rasha was an honorary student. She received the highest grades of her school in the year she graduated when she tested for Jordan’s National High School Certificate (Tawjihi). She joined the Industrial Engineering program at the University of Jordan, and graduated from the school of Engineering with honor in 2010.

Rasha is a highly driven person who is always determined to excel and succeed in everything she does. She studies, trains, works hard and is always engaged in doing something productive and positive. She is currently conducting piano lessons and training young children.

Rasha is a Licentiate in Piano Performance certified by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), London, Britain. In addition, Rasha completed a Diploma in Instrumental (Piano) teaching certified by the ABRSM, and is currently pursuing a higher degree in the same field. She has also become licensed in the KiddyKeys pre-piano program recently; this program is specifically designed to engage children with music at a very young age in a fun and interactive environment which aligns perfectly with her personal desires and passions of getting more and more kids learn and play the piano.

Rasha started conducting professional piano lessons in 2006 after graduating from high school. She continued to pursue further education in the field specifically in the musical performance and teaching techniques. She has been conducting lessons and coaching people of all ages, teaching at various musical centers and preschools, and continues to give one-on-one classes at home.

Rasha is a wife and a mother of two girls with a very busy and active daily schedule and routine. In addition to taking care of her family, she always strives to set and pursue newer and bigger goals. She is an inspiration to everyone around her, and a person who always strives to achieve and be a positive influence in her community.

Rasha Abu-Ajwah
Amman, Amman Governorate