Curriculum & Materials

KiddyKeys offers a fresh approach to purchasing the music curriculum and teaching materials you're looking for.

  • No licensing agreements, monthly royalties, or yearly renewal fees
  • Upfront, à la carte pricing
  • Flexible and easy to implement teaching and marketing materials
  • Effective for group and private lessons, both in-person and online

The KiddyKeys curriculum is comprehensive and progressive while offering you complete flexibility and ease of use. With plentiful learning and game materials, these great resources work particularly well with students ages 1.5 to 8, in both in-person and online settings. 

Here’s a glimpse at some of the KiddyKeys materials:

  • Curriculum: Dip in your toes, dive in, or take the plunge with a wide variety of engaging and action-packed lesson plans, worksheets, audio tracks, and teacher resources.
  • Games: engaging fun for everyone!
  • Storybooks: music and composer storybooks take students on colorful adventures through musical concepts and music history.
  • Camps and special programs for students age 4 - 8. 
  • Piano Music for preschool and young beginning students.