Music and Piano For Today's Young Child 

KiddyKeys is an innovative approach to teaching music and piano to young children. Created at the request of parents who were looking for more than a traditional music and movement program, KiddyKeys lessons include:

  • Music and movement
  • Piano play and improvisation
  • Music theory 
  • Keyboard geography and exploration
  • Composition and music history
  • Color, shape, and letter recognition
  • Life skills and character development

KiddyKeys’ well-thought-out learning trajectory and its energetic lesson experience enables all types of young learners to easily learn music concepts. Today’s market calls for a play-based early childhood music curriculum that meets the needs of families and students alike. Utilized in online and in-person lessons, KiddyKeys lays the ideal foundation, whether used as a music and piano discovery class, in private lessons, or partnered with a piano method to provide a complete on and off the bench piano lesson experience. 

KiddyKeys...Making every child a Star!®