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I have been following KiddyKeys® since 2008, the same year I opened Charlotte Academy of Music. The curriculum is engaging and developmentally appropriate. As a piano teacher of nearly 30 years, I also feel that it is very pedagogically sound. My school now offers KiddyKeys® classes both in house and out in the community. I couldn’t be happier with our choice to use KiddyKeys® as our only preschool music program!
Regina Ziliani Owner/CEO, Charlotte Academy of Music

As a music school owner and former private lesson teacher, I have long appreciated the power of the young mind applied to music in the right way. I searched diligently for a program that matched my passion for this and went further toward prepping children to play an instrument (always the piano is my first choice!), and KiddyKeys is that program. Unlike the numerous other options in this space, KiddyKeys goes beyond music-based playtime and offers parents exactly what they want: exposure to music, preparation for preschool (physically and mentally), social experiences, and most of all — FUN.

There are other programs out there, but NONE will draw in your students like KiddyKeys and actually prepare them to feed into the elementary age music program of your choice. If you want to build your school, start where there is little or no competition for a child's time in other activities: 2 year olds. My studio's group lesson program went from 130 enrollments at the end of last term (peak season) to 165 at the beginning of this term, and we are on target to end this year with 200. Of those 200, 75% are ages 2 to 6. And the best part is that as they age out of KiddyKeys, I will have already begun introducing amazing materials like Roadtrip!, so they will be pre-sold on my private lessons program when they're ready for it.
Lori Gardner Executive Director, Allegro Music & Dance Academy

I was thrilled to find KiddyKeys! It's the most comprehensive, flexible, well-constructed program I have seen for early childhood musical instrument preparedness in my 30 years of teaching. KiddyKeys is a great value. The lesson plans are beautifully done, and I pull private students from the classes for my studio. The class materials are useful in so many other ways. I use them in private lessons, group theory classes, and summer camps. I will be using my KiddyKeys materials with senior citizens this fall, supplementing finger plays with yoga stretches for hands and arms and in place of the storybooks, I'll highlight composers by listening to and discussing pieces from each composer. The sky is the limit, and with KiddyKeys my teaching has become inspired!
Stephanie Bramble Chevalier KiddyKeys Instructor

The KiddyKeys program has been a perfect fit for me and my studio. As a long-time teacher of private students, KiddyKeys provides a strong framework from which to teach small groups — with lots of room for personalization. After a year of teaching KiddyKeys, I was easily able to craft my own original set of summer classes, and am now getting ready to begin fall classes from the beginning of the curriculum. There will be no prep work required for classes this year, while I will see a significant increase in my teaching income.
Janna Carlson KiddyKeys Instructor

I have enjoyed working with KiddyKeys very much. The program is so well laid out that I had confidence from the first session going forward. Each lesson plan is clearly outlined with a list of supplies needed for each class. The materials are very professional. My student's parents have been impressed! I love the level of preparation each child is able to achieve through the amazing KiddyKeys program. Every child can truly be a star!
Deb Lentz KiddyKeys Instructor

Research has shown that a student's foundation for learning, understanding, and appreciating music is developed by the age of five. As a piano teacher, I often meet three to five-year-old children who are not quite ready for formal private instruction, but love music and are eager to learn. I researched different early childhood music curriculums in order to find a developmentally appropriate program that would prepare students for private lessons in the future. I chose KiddyKeys because it is a program with substance that goes beyond singing and dancing. There is a clear objective to each lesson that prepares students to eventually become proficient musicians and/or well-informed listeners and music appreciators.
Michelle Murphy KiddyKeys Instructor

Even after teaching preschool piano classes for many years, I struggled with finding a program that I truly enjoyed teaching. When I looked at the KiddyKeys lesson plans, materials, and scope and sequence, I was hooked! The organization, ease of use, and intro to the piano in a gradual and engaging way is enhanced only by the joyful interest my students have during class!
Dorla Aparicio KiddyKeys Instructor

After researching many preschool music programs, KiddyKeys was the one I felt taught the basics of piano while being filled with music and fun-filled learning activities for young children. It is a great program for children to experience before starting piano lessons. A mother of one of my 3-year-old students told me that while they were singing a hymn at church (using a hymnal!), her daughter pointed to a note and said, “Mommy, that’s a quarter note.” A friend of hers, who was a music director at another church and was worshiping with them, was amazed!

Not only does this program educate young children about music, it influences other areas of learning such as counting, addition, sequencing, high/low comprehension, and reading. I have always said that if hard subjects would be set to music, children would learn them quickly and with great enthusiasm! I encourage teachers who are looking for an untapped market to grow your studio — give KiddyKeys a try.
Kay Rhett KiddyKeys Instructor

When I decided to offer a preschool music class in my piano studio, I researched multiple curriculums. I found that most curriculums have a fairly large start-up cost, so I really wanted to be sure that it would match my teaching philosophy and enhance my studio. I chose KiddyKeys because it is an educational, engaging, and fun piano preparation class, and serves as a great “feeder” class that will bring future students into my studio. The initial start-up investment that I made was returned in just the first session.

I’m pleased with the clear, well-written lesson plans. I have even used some of the materials and lesson plans with my older, private students with success. Kris Skaletski has been wonderful. She promptly answered any questions that I had throughout the process. KiddyKeys has surpassed my expectations and is an invaluable asset to my studio.
Brandy Woods KiddyKeys Instructor

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