Educational Benefits

We've got proof that KiddyKeys music classes are educationally sound.

Beginning with the 2006 – 2007 school year, Enterprise Academy in Green Bay, WI incorporated five arts domains into their curriculum. The domains included music (KiddyKeys), gymnastics, dance, karate, and art. Using the nationally recognized Woodcock-Munoz Assessment test proctored by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensed teachers, Enterprise Academy conducted a two-year study, measuring students' test scores in the five critical areas. The scores below reflect the students' progress after two years of Arts Enrichment Programming when compared to national norms:

Basic Skills

Defined: Identifying letters, understanding vocabulary

Results: Student test scores improved by 19.58% to 26.91%


Reading Skills

Defined: Matching pictures and basic words

Results: Student test scores improved by 34.59% to 46.23%


Writing Skills

Defined: Writing alphabet letters

Results: Student test scores improved by 50.78% to 65.14%



Math Skills

Defined: Writing a correct number when instructed, early addition

Results: Student test scores improved by 11.01% to 16.56%


Factual Knowledge Skills

Defined: Basic knowledge, identifying pictures

Results: Student test scores improved by 19.39% to 27.32%


Composite Scores

Defined: All five areas were added to yield the composite score

Results: Student test scores improved by a range of 26.76% to 38.42%


Additionally, 53% of students in the 4-year-old program graduated Enterprise Academy reading!

The KiddyKeys program is 100% a factor in the success of these children. KiddyKeys is a vital piece of the whole academic puzzle. The music curriculum is age appropriate and academically appropriate for our students. The program makes learning enjoyable in a new domain. The familiar is incorporated with the new. KiddyKeys utilized multiple teaching styles that helped lead to the success of the students, and will continue to aid in the success of children for years to come. I urge anyone who is considering adding KiddyKeys to their academic acumen in the future to do so.
Kelley Roznik Administrator and Principal at Enterprise Academy