Parent Testimonials

My mind was blown that there is a program that teaches my 3-year-old music in a way he can understand. The entire curriculum, the books, the songs, everything greatly exceeded my expectations.
Tori Mother of a KiddyKeys Star

KiddyKeys is an ideal program to introduce or further your child's exposure to music and the beginning concepts of piano in an enthusiastic and nurturing way. It encourages self-worth and achievement, while incorporating movement, coordination, and hands-on participation through the use of senses in a fun atmosphere. The curriculum absolutely lends itself to enthusiastic learning. What a great gift to give the young children in our lives!
Madeline Mother of a 4-year-old KiddyKeys student

KiddyKeys empowered my children to glide effortlessly into playing and thoroughly enjoying piano by age five. It exposes young children to music theory in such a way that it becomes second nature to them, and after they leave the program, learning even more sophisticated music theory continues to be fun, hence easy.
Missy Mother of Liam and Colin

KiddyKeys has been amazing for my son. His self-confidence is built up each week by the passion and compassion of the instructor. Besides teaching early music terms and love for music, the curriculum and instructors carry through life lessons taught at home. KiddyKeys is a safe and fun environment. Smiles and laughter are so important to capture a child's attention and both are seen and heard at every drop-off and pick-up. KiddyKeys is truly one of the best programs that my child has been involved with.
Jeannie Mother of Jack

Video Testimonials

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