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KiddyKeys offers a fresh approach to purchasing the preschool music curriculum and materials you're looking for.

  • No licensing agreements, monthly royalties, or yearly renewal fees
  • Upfront, à la carte pricing
  • Flexible and easy to implement teaching and marketing materials
  • Effective for group and private lessons
  • Online video training and ongoing support

The KiddyKeys curriculum is comprehensive and progressive while offering you complete flexibility and ease of use. With plentiful learning and game materials, these great resources work particularly well with students ages 2.5 to 5. We have some camps for kids ages 4 to 8 too, and have also released the KiddyKeys & Company curriculum for ages 1.5 to 3.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the materials KiddyKeys uses:

Find these and other fantastic resources in the KiddyKeys store.

We proudly print and manufacture in the USA.

All materials are available for separate purchase so that you can design your own teaching strategy, but we’ve also put together the following curriculum packages so that you can have everything you need to prep your teaching, your way, with no fuss!

KiddyKeys Core Curriculum Package - $370.00 (a $55 savings from full price)

This package is our fullest offering of teaching materials to get you up and going as a KiddyKeys teacher.

Concepts include high and low sounds, forte and piano, finger numbers, hand position, note names and position on the keyboard, tempos, note values, the staff and clefs (plus the locations of the notes treble G, bass F, and middle C on the staff), ear training, and review. We’re joined by Music the Dog, Buzzy the Bee, Fred the Bunny, and even Ted the Snowman as we whiz through all the seasons of the year!

Lessons can be a fast-paced and full 30 minutes or a more easy-going 45 minutes. Recommended for ages 2.5 to 5.


  • Core Curriculum (30 lessons, 40+ studio-licensed worksheets, 50+ audio tracks and more) ($120.00 value)
  • 30 Original Storybooks ($150.00 value)
  • KiddyKeys Cards (complete set of all 5 decks) ($30.00 value)
  • Train Game ($30.00 value)
  • P-I-A-N-O Bingo (complete set of all 5 levels + marking chips for up to 4 players) (cards and chips for more players are available in the store) ($68.00 value)
  • 200 "I'm a KiddyKeys star!" stickers ($20.00 value)
  • Blue "I'm a KiddyKeys star!" tote bag ($12.00 value)
  • Yellow "I'm a KiddyKeys star!" travel bag ($10.00 value)

Also includes these digital format resources:

  • 40+ worksheets (Core Curriculum), with studio license for unlimited copies
  • Audio tracks of 50+ songs and fingerplays, with vocals 
  • Classroom aid cards for engaging students with the music alphabet and Music the Dog
  • “What We Did in Class” sheets for kids to take home
  • Brag tags—beautiful playing-card-sized templates for giving to students as they learn new concepts (e.g., “I learned about piano,” and “I know my finger numbers”)
  • Certificates for awarding students at milestones
  • An introduction to the curriculum
  • Lesson teaching tips videos
  • Song and fingerplay lyrics
  • Videos of song and fingerplay actions
  • Ongoing support
  • Online profile and teacher locator listing… so students can find YOU!

These materials come in digital format in the KiddyKeys Kitchen app, where you’ll have online access (computer, phone, or tablet) to view and print unlimited copies.

KiddyKeys Complete Studio Starter Package - $550.00 (a $140 savings from full price)

The Core Curriculum Package (described above), PLUS:

  • Full Marketing & Administration Package ($165.00 value) Our fantastic package of marketing and administration materials will help you get your KiddyKeys program up, advertised, and running smoothly!
  • KiddyKeys & Company ($100.00 value) Curriculum for ages 1.5 - 3. The ideal precusor to KiddyKeys!

The comprehensive Marketing & Administration Package will save many valuable hours of your time. With a full complement of marketing resources and documents for keeping your studio organized, you’ll hit the ground running and won’t need to reinvent the wheel. All resources are in editable digital formats (Word and PDF) for your easy customization and printing. Learn more here.


KiddyKeys & Company is the ideal precursor to KiddyKeys and the perfect introduction to music and movement. For ages 1.5 to 3 with adult participation, lesson concepts include finger numbers, hand position, the music alphabet, high and low, loud and soft, and famous composers. Learn more about KiddyKeys & Company here.


  • 30 lesson plans 
  • 2 classroom aid cards handy for engaging students with the music alphabet and Music the Dog 
  • Audio tracks of 50+ songs and fingerplays, with vocals 
  • Progress materials 
  • Social Media Images
  • Teacher resources


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