Lorraine Robinson

Lorraine Robinson

Legacy Licensee

I’m a homeschooling mom of three wonderful kids, teaching group and private piano lessons.

I was introduced to the piano at six years old, when the San Francisco Symphony pianist, Robin Sutherland, joined my family for Christmas at the invitation of a relative. After Christmas dinner, he invited me to sit at the piano with him while he played carols for the family. Watching his fingers fly across the keys, feeling goosebumps from the beautiful music, I became determined that one day, I too would play the piano with the same spell-binding mastery.

I’ve been teaching professionally for 17 years, since the age of 14, coaching students in university, apprenticing and studying under some of the best instructors in the United States.

My goal is to help others discover their passion for music, especially the piano, and provide the tools to nurture that newfound passion to their satisfaction.