Karen Miller

Karen Miller

Legacy Licensee

Hi! My name is Karen Miller, I am excited to share my passion for music. I have been teaching private piano lessons to students of all ages for 25+ years. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liturgical Music from The College of St Benedict in St Joseph, Minnesota. My studies included organ, piano, conducting and piano pedagogy.

I offer creative and fun piano lessons for all ages in my Clear Lake studio. I am also pleased to offer preschool piano lessons for young students ages 3-5.

Preschool lessons consist of a one-on-one program that is designed specifically for young students to explore music and learn to play the piano at an early age by incorporating off-bench activities that develop many parts of the brain. These off-bench activities help break up the lesson so busy little students can focus and connect with on-bench activities. Each students' strengths are used to create a unique learning experience that will help equip your child with skills to excel at the piano and in school. Piano lessons for preschoolers are private 30 minute lessons once a week.

In addition to studio teaching, I accompany for weddings, funerals and serve as a substitute organist/pianist at St Patrick's Church in Clear Lake and Epiphany Parish in Mason City.

Karen Miller
Clear Lake, IA 50428
United States