Deb Lentz

Deb Lentz

Legacy Licensee

It is my desire to help children connect with music as a means of self expression as well as a way to connect with others. I am so excited to teach each preschool child because music can build a bridge between their mind and their body. Meeting this need through early musical training also develops a strong foundation for musical, mathematical and social skills.

In my KiddyKeys classes I'll plant and nurture seeds to help each child with their musical, mathematical and social skills. They'll blossom as they learn sequencing, patterns, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding that can help them successfully express themselves through music. Early childhood music experiences can open amazing doors for your child's personal development.

Let the fun begin as your child explores the joys of music. I look forward to meeting your little star!

Deb Lentz
Greensboro, NC 27358
United States