Compose Yourself

Compose Yourself

These 30-minute lessons can be used over five days or five weeks. If you choose, add a snack, team composition, and a music-related craft to make each class one to two hours. Your students will love listening, learning, coloring, composing, and performing their own pieces in the styles of Wolfgang Mozart, Clara Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Ludwig van Beethoven. The lessons wrap up with a student-focused day of composition and performance. Ample play time is included with suggested activities. Students’ crafty compositions can be assembled into a booklet (materials not included) as a nice little memento and source of pride for students and their parents. Compose Yourself! is sure to please student, parent, and teacher! Great for kids ages 4–8. Includes the following digital resources:

  • 5 lesson plans

  • Composer coloring sheets with studio license to print unlimited copies

  • 4 composer biography classroom aid cards

  • Kid-sized staff paper, with studio license to print unlimited copies

  • YouTube links to composer song samples

Compose Yourself

Compose Yourself Lesson Plans (Digital: Studio License)

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Compose Yourself

Composer Storybook Combo Pack (9 Paperback Books)

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