Leela Cheary

Leela Cheary

Legacy Licensee

Leela Cheary has had the fortune of being born into a musical family. She followed her Grandma's footsteps in choosing the piano at age 11 and is in as much love with it now as she was back then. She has grown Skips and Steps Piano to help share the immense joy and satisfaction that comes from dancing fingers across piano keys resulting in the creation of beautiful music. 35 fabulous students fills her studio each week, since 2011,from the age of 3 to 43.

She is currently dedicated to bringing specific teaching techniques that relate to the 21st Century child and bring relevance to them. Part of this initiative includes the know-how for musical improvisation,easy composition, and the use of technology.

Leela is a member of the Western Australian Music Teachers Association (WAMTA) and the Western Australian Orff Association. (WAOSA)

Skips and Steps Piano is also proud to be hosted by the Rockingham Montessori School in Perth, Australia.

She is filled with glee and pride to bring Kiddy Keys to the children in her area. A program that will allow all those little creative ones, who just aren't ready for formal lesson structure yet, explore and build their musicality, knowledge and skill base in a way that nurtures their spark and enthusiasm.

Leela Cheary
Baldivis, Western Australia 6171
0422 501 512