Training & Support

All training is included in the cost of your license. Training of approximately 2-3 hours is offered online through a variety of options. We’ll choose a day and time that’s convenient for you and all training is personally handled by program owner Kris Skaletski.

  • Save your time and the cost of travel by training from the comfort of your home or office.
  • If you prefer, come to Green Bay, Wisconsin, where we will personally meet for training.

Online Teacher Resources

After your initial training, KiddyKeys is still here to help. You will gain access to the "KiddyKeys Kitchen" containing:

  • An online audio player with access to all the KiddyKeys songs. You'll also be able to view lyrics and watch videos of real students moving to the songs
  • An online lesson plan and story book viewer. Save paper and view your lesson plans online, or easily print them from the KiddyKeys viewer
  • An online video library of actions to songs and finger plays, class demos and teaching tutorials
  • An extensive library of KiddyKeys artwork for promoting your classes
  • Stock photos for use in promoting your classes
  • Files, documents and other helpful resources

watch a sample video