Curriculum & Materials

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The KiddyKeys curriculum is comprehensive and progressive, offering you the flexibility to determine your teaching trajectory and number of classes.

Our program is turnkey. You’ll receive the training, materials, and support that will enable you or your staff to grab a lesson plan and go!

KiddyKeys teaching materials are great to use with students of all ages, making them a terrific value! We proudly print and manufacture in the USA.

All Kits Include:

KiddyKeys Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

The centerpiece of our program. We offer over 150 complete, detailed lesson plans that will enable you to teach effectively and efficiently. Review the back side of the plan to prepare for each class, and then follow the comprehensive lesson guide on the front side of the plan to fully explore each weekly concept. You'll simply choose your weekly lesson plan, grab your materials, and teach your class full of fun and activities.

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KiddyKeys Storybooks

32 Original Storybooks

Charming stories for each lesson concept and all seasons of the year. Join Skip, Melody, and Music the Dog as they play and learn about music. Saddle-stitched and printed on durable, glossy cardstock, the KiddyKeys storybooks are loved by children and teachers alike!

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KiddyKeys Grand Staff

Grand Staff Symbols

Hands-on, durable, kid friendly sizing. This collection of plastic notes and symbols will become a staple in your teaching. Includes the following:

  • Treble clef
  • Bass clef
  • Final bar line
  • Brace and bar line
  • Quarater, half, and whole rests 
  • 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures
  • Repeat sign
  • Dynamic letters p, m, and f
  • Music alphabet letters A – G
  • Ledger line for Middle C
  • Quarter, half, and whole notes
  • Dots for dotted-half notes
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KiddyKeys Reversible Staff

Reversible Staff/Keyboard

Sure to be one of your favorite teaching tools for your students of all ages. Durable and washable, you’ll find these partner well with the notes and symbols that are included in your kit. You’ll be provided with one octave of keyboard per student.

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KiddyKeys PIANO Bingo

P-I-A-N-O Bingo

Five levels printed in bright colors on cardstock, 8.5" x 11", and another great tool to use with students of all ages. Fully laminated for long-term use. Includes large flash-card-sized calling cards.

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KiddyKeys Music Land Game

Music Land Game

Board game fun for partners or individuals! Our games are all about learning and having fun, and you’ll all be laughing as you bark in a low voice like Music the Dog! The game includes an 11" x 17" board with pawns and activity cards, all fully laminated.

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KiddyKeys Cards

KiddyKeys Playing Cards

Another teaching tool for your entire studio. This fully laminated set of 168 cards includes plenty of game and learning options and can also be used as flashcards. You'll receive four cards of each symbol/character with full directions for multiple game options. 

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KiddyKeys Express Train Game

KiddyKeys Express Train Game

A great "shake out the wiggles" game. The brightly colored, laminated cards can also be used as flashcards for review of colors and letter names. Definitely a winner!

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KiddyKeys Tote Bags

KiddyKeys Tote Bags

Colorful and useful! Stay organized and travel with your KiddyKeys materials.

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KiddyKeys Rhythm Instruments

Rhythm Instruments

Kid-sized, colorful, and easily held by little hands. Music and movement are critical to learning. We're happy to provide fun, child-friendly instruments.


Classroom Aid Cards

Visual tools to engage your students. These cards feature KiddyKeys character Music the Dog, composers Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Clara Schumann, and the music alphabet. Classroom aid cards are used in tandem with lesson concepts as well as with the KiddyKeys music tracks.

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Audio Files

Over 68 tracks of songs, finger plays, improvisation backing tracks, and gross motor activities. Vocals are included on the sweetest backing tracks available. Check out the sample tracks for a glimpse into the learning and fun that will take place during your KiddyKeys classes.

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Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Over 175 worksheets, including activity sheets for each lesson concept and seasonal lessons. This is a wonderful complement to your classes and a great takeaway for your students. You'll be provided with unlimited access to print these worksheets as needed.

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KiddyKeys PLUS

KiddyKeys PLUS

What's after KiddyKeys? KiddyKeys PLUS is the answer! For added flexibility in transitioning students to piano lessons, these 18 lesson plans will guide you through the process of using KiddyKeys in tandem with the Roadtrip! Outdoor Adventure method book. Useful for partner, group, and private lessons, you’ll find your KiddyKeys materials to be the ultimate partnering tool for your studio.

What's Not Included

KiddyKeys includes EVERYTHING you need to teach your classes, with the following exceptions:

  • Crayons
  • Bottle of bubble solution
  • Large bouncy ball
  • Music player
  • Keyboard/piano